The Dream camp

The Dream Camp

Where all dreams come true…
We invite you to join us to a dreamy summer.
In the Dream Camp every day is different and themed, along with regular activities with counselors.
You can check the professional class's list and the variable activities.
At the beginning of each week you will receive a detailed program of your child's group activity so you can follow up and show interest.

What happens during the day?
1. The children will arrive to the pool area (the lawn) in the morning, where the group's counselors (between 2-3 counselors per group) will already be waiting with a social activity.
2. Swimming, playing and having a group activity in the indoor pool area with a multi-skilled rescuers team. One of the Counselors will be entering the water as well in order to amuse the children and to keep an eye on them from inside of the pool. Another counselor (or 2, depends on amount of counselors) will stay outside of the water, keeping an extra eye on the group from above the water and amusing the children who stay outside of the water with different reasons.
3. Breakfast that includes 'Tropit' (grape juice) or drinking chocolate in a bag, and a bun or cereal with milk.
4. Every day there are two professional classes which are managed by professional guides. Most of the rooms are air-conditioned in the university campus and some in sheds.
5. The children signed up until 13:00pm are returning to a last activity and wait there for the parents/ go to the bus with a counselor escort them.
The children signed up until 15:30 receive a light lunch that includes Disposable food packaging with a meat dish, side-dish and salad, or pizza. All meals are Kosher. You can get a vegetarian substitute for children who do not eat meat.
6. Activities for those who finish in 15:30 includes either a movie (air-conditioned room), a show, a professional class or social activities.
7. Last activity and third meal which include cake / fruit / bagels / croissant.

Important for us to let you know
• The children are divided by age and by their finishing time.
Is it important for you that they will be with friends this summer? Ask us during the registration and we will make every effort to make this possible.
• Our professional Counselors take care of your children during the day. Share them with everything they need to know about your children in advanced.
Please notice that during camp hours they are not available for you since they are focusing on the group- Team coordinators are within the camp area all day, especially for you.
• At the end of each day, We say goodbye to the children and sending them home, but only with those approved by you. If there are changes, even if they are disposable, make sure to update the guides in advance.

Last Comments
• Do not forget to bring a towel swimming suit every day (the counselors of each group will inform the parents every week for the days with time for pool.)
• Children with long hair should bring a swimming cap.
• We conduct all activities in the shads, but while going around the campus during the day we are in the sun, so you should apply sunscreen to children. Also, you must bring a hat every day.
• The counselors make sure to have enough water throughout the day, but it is advisable to send a personal bottle with your child.