Swimming course

Swimming course provides basic knowledge of the correct water habites and swimming styles.
It is important to know that in order to reach a good level of swimming – more than one course will be needed.

The courses start with a beginner's level and continue to the advanced level and improving style.

General guidelines:

  1. Please don't be late for class. If possible, it is recommended to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the first class.
  2. The entrance to the pool through the main gate only allowed 15 minutes before class.
  3. It is not recommended to eat before class (less than one hour) and certainly not a heavy meal.
  4. No need to bring swimming aids (such as buoy)
  5. During class, parents are asked not to wait for the children in the pool area.
    You can wait nearby, at the cafeteria or lawn area.
  6. In order not to disrupt the class, parents should contact the course coordinator in case of any problem or question, not the swimming guide.
  7. Child participation in swimming course does not give the parent approval for bathing, or using any kind of the sports center facilities.

Absorption and classification:

At the beginning of the first lesson the children will be tested, in order to check their abilities and assigning them with a matching group level, according to the decision of professional staff.

Please pay attention!!!
Entrance to the pool – only one escort is approved when not subscribed to the sport center. Following the request of the parents of children in swimming courses, in case of two escorts, it is possible to purchase a ticket to a special cost – 15 ₪ (75% discount).

After the start of the courses, cancellations will not be accepted and will not be refunded for any reason including illness or absence cancellation. Before the start of the course, cancellation will be charged with a fee of $ 70 shekels.

No compensation for children absent unless approved by the course coordinator.

Phone: 074-7100220 Mobile: 053-5559148

To contact Beni Lang, the coordinator of swimming courses