Multidisciplinary camp includes a professional learning of the selected class and tours, as well as sports, bathing in the pool, movies and plays, social and cultural activities. The classes are all with professional senior teachers.

You must choose one of the listed in the scientist's circles.

Please note -

  • Classes are held every day except for special cases.
  • The number of seats in each class is limited.
  • A class opening is conditional minimum number of childrens.
  • Program activity is general and there may be changes and / or additions.


What happens during the day?

  • Children are gathering daily in their meeting point and activities delivered by conselors to start the morning with fun.
  • Activity in professional classes.
  • Social activities which are related to the special theme day.
  • Graduates 15:30 have also workshop / social activity / show / movie


Breakfast at 10:00 – cold chocolate milk or grape juice(Tropit)  + roll / cereal with milk and a roll.
Lunch at 13:00 (15:30 graduates only) – Disposable food packaging with a meat dish, side dish and vegetables.
A light lunch at 15:00 – fruit / energy bar.

Vegetarians / allergens will be a substitute accordingly.